Our Principles

How to catch the market requirement is the company's most important challenge. Research and Develop is still the key point of successful. We use new technical, market require, project management to be our stratagem to keep competition.
So, we have 9 sampling group in Taiwan and 1 sampling group in China. There are total employee is 150 and the coast of R&D takes around 10% of business volume. This group is for development project and to find out what kind material can be used in our product range and to improve or search new procedure or method for get better efficient production.

The best conduct of a business is to have good quality control program. Highly reputation from advanced product and high quality.

1. Raw material QC
2. Product process QC
3. Product QC
4. Final production QC

The product physical performance is very important . Especially after customer combination all material in one. Then they will be consider about ageing, anti-UV, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, transform, anti-yellowish….etc.
For sure the logo can be suitable for customer require, we have set the laboratories in Taiwan HQ, Vietnam and China factories.

For Safety environment and keep employee health we had refuse to using any contain AZO dye in PVC and others material since 1993. As you know for get good physical performance that suitable for industrial needs the heavy metal chemical is necessary. So, we had set and use the chemical percentage lower then ISO, CE, UL, CNC standard testing. 
The works environment always keep air fresh and we do the worker's health checking every year.
In today's highly competitive market place, success depends on one's ability to provide superior solution to customers, in a timely fashion. At trims system corporation, the needs of our customers and the trust they place in us are our motivations to success. The three pillars of our corporate culture are performance, teamwork, and quality. We insist on these three principles in every aspect of our working life in order to ensure our working life in order to ensure our customer a continual support of high performance.
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